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Friday, May 06, Kleiner Saal, 11:30 - 12:00

Geobrush - Interactive Mesh Geometry Cloning

Olga Sorkine, ETH Zürich

Geobrush - Interactive Mesh Geometry Cloning Geobrush - Interactive Mesh Geometry Cloning

We describe a method for interactive cloning of 3D surface geometry using a paintbrush interface, similar to the continuous cloning brush popular in image editing. Our GeoBrush method supports real-time continuous copying of arbitrary high-resolution surface features between irregular meshes, including topological handles. Using GeoBrush, details and features of one model can be easily reused by pasting them onto another model. The high-frequency content is preserved while the overall shape of the pasted surface adapts to the target shape. The algorithm behind GeoBrush establishes a correspondence between the source and target geometry, roughly deforms the source to match the overall shape of the target, and then smoothly and seamlessly stitches the pasted region into the target shape. The majority of the computation is accelerated by exploiting the GPU. We demonstrate the effectiveness of GeoBrush with various editing scenarios, including detail enrichment and completion of scanned surfaces.

Geobrush - Interactive Mesh Geometry Cloning

Olga Sorkine, ETH Zürich

Olga is a professor of Computer Science at ETH Zurich. Prior to joining ETH she was a professor at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University (2008-2011). She earned her BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science and PhD in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University. She then received the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellowship to pursue a postdoc at TU Berlin. She is interested in theoretical foundations and practical algorithms for digital content creation, such as shape representation and editing, artistic modeling techniques, computer animation and digital image manipulation. Olga received the Young Researcher Award from the Eurographics Association in 2008.

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