Stuttgart, Germany
April 24 - 27

Watch the FMX 2014 Trailer RUGBYBUGS

The FMX 2014 Trailer Rugbybugs was created by an inspired team of Filmakademie students.

The FMX trailers are traditionally created by students of the Institute of Animation, Effects and Digital Postproduction at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. The 2014 trailer RUGBYBUGS was directed by Carl Schröter, Martin Lapp, Emanuel Fuchs, Fabian Fricke and Matthias Bäuerle and produced by Alexandra Stautmeister and Anica Maruhn.

RUGBYBUGS - The bugs are coming!
To carry a missing piece of the FMX logo, six quite different animals use their particular strength and engage in a thrilling race through the dark forest.

Alexandra Stautmeister comments:
Our main aim was to create a story in which we could combine CG characters, visual effects and a real built scenery. We loved the idea of animals having a chase through a forest. The story with its five main characters and the different techniques gave every director of the team enough space to contribute his own creativity and set of skills.“

All the sets are real built sceneries and were shot during one week in a studio.  For a better integration the team worked with several light passes (red light, moon light, shadow pass etc.). A snorkel lense was used to achieve a „bug-perspective“ - this perspective also allowed the RUGBYBUGS team to use the Arri Alexa even though the sets weren’t bigger than one sqare meter. For modelling Maya and 3D Max were used, for sculpting and texturing ZBrush and Mudbox were employed. Animation was done in Maya. Nuke was used for compositing and VRay for rendering.

FMX is funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the City of Stuttgart and the MFG Film Funding, taking place in cooperation with VES Visual Effects Society, ACM SIGGRAPH and the World Building Institute. FMX is an event by the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, organized by Animationsinstitut, hosting the Animation Production Day (APD), a joint venture with the Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart (ITFS).