Stuttgart, Germany
April 24 - 27

Elemental Trailer – Julie Boehm: Casting & Print Campaign

Julie Boehm is a student at the Animationsinstitut of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and loves to create films that incorporate the art of dancing. Being an avid dancer and gymnast herself, she took advantage of her broad experience in the field and realized several dance projects in the past. Julie sat down with us and gave us some insights into how her dancing experience influenced her work on Elemental.

FMX: What was your role during the production of the Elemental trailer?

J: Since I have a lot of experience in the field of dance as well as being part of a broad creative network it was my task to cast the dancers. Oftentimes dancers are the most successful and therefore earn the most money when they are young, so it was quite a challenge to find dancers who would work with us for free. In advance of the video shoot the dancers and I developed choreography trailers for each element to make sure that the team’s ideas and expectations regarding the dance sequences were physically realizable for the dancers.

FMX: So did your own dancing experience help you with that task?

J: Yes, it did. I did rhythmic gymnastics and ballet for 14 years. When I was 17 years old I started doing acrobatics as well. Moreover I am a fitness trainer for aerobic and currently getting into tap-dance. Since I enjoy dancing so much, I really love to work with dancers and other artists during my projects.

FMX: What was your job during the video shoot?

J: Adrian’s job as the director was to give instructions during the shoot. Since a director’s style of expression is very different to a dancer’s, Adrian and I developed the actual instructions for the dancers together to ensure that the dancers would know exactly what to do. I was able to use my directing experience as well as my dancing skills for this task. So I was kind of the mediator between the director and the dancers. During the shoot I also filmed everything with my cell phone to be able to look at every shot in slow motion afterwards and give precise instructions to the dancers.

FMX: You are currently responsible for the creative development of the FMX print campaign, which is based on the Elemental trailer. How did you proceed regarding the print motives?

J: Since it wasn’t planned to turn Elemental into a print campaign in the first place, the creation of the print campaign turned out to be a difficult task. Every element was a challenge in its own way. I worked a lot with Photoshop, but actually I had to adjust the process to every element individually, depending on the footage that I had available. For example we couldn’t retrieve a suitable pose from the video footage for the earth motive. So I created a 3D model in Mixamo, uploaded it to Fuse for rigging and used Cinema to render it as a base for the motive. The workflow was less technical that way compared to working solely with Cinema.

FMX: What did you learn from the Elemental project?

J: It convinced me that I want to do many more dance movies in the future. Furthermore I want to focus on the story and the choreography in those future movies. The project reassured me that I want to follow my passion for directing.

FMX: To finish this interview, can you share with us what you are currently working on?

J: I am currently working on my diploma project called “Paris You Got Me”. It is a dance clip set in Paris, going through the different art eras. The main focus is the self-fulfillment of the protagonist. The message of the clip is that you can achieve anything if you truly believe that it can become reality. It’s my personal mission to create movies that inspire people to be courageous and do what they feel passionate about.

Photo credits (top): Julie Boehm
Photo credits (bottom): Michael Vogel

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